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Criminal penalties insufficient after blaze

Taipei Times 29 Sep 2023
“An offender who commits the offense due to negligence shall be sentenced to imprisonment for no more than three years, detention, or a fine or combined with a fine no more than NT$6 million [US$185,943],” the article says ... than five years or a fine of not more than NT$500,000.”.

Taiwan unveils first domestically built submarine as China threat grows

CNN 28 Sep 2023
“The submarine is an important realization of our concrete commitment in defending our country,” Tsai said ... But we have made it,” she added ... The personnel were all subject to monitoring by a military security division to ensure no secrets were leaked. Huang said he was given a budget of $1.54 billion (NT$49.36 billion) to build the first ship ... .

Interior ministry approves hiring of over 9,000 migrants for construction

Taipei Times 26 Sep 2023
Approved smaller construction firms, which have no alternative channel to hire migrant ... Previously, the government had restricted the employment of migrant construction workers to projects valued at no less than NT$100 million or urban renewal projects of at least NT$200 million.

Aces on Bridge

Arkansas Democrat-Gazette 25 Sep 2023
2 k Pass 2 NT Pass ... 3 NT Pass 4 k All pass ... Facing a major two-suiter, North decided his diamond stopper was too weak for three no-trump ... This is because she might have no slow losers in the spade suit, while she would likely have a slow heart loser she could ruff ... 2 ' 2 k Pass 3 NT ... Declarer's jump to three no-trump implies two stoppers in your suit.

TPP calls for unions, funds after factory fire

Taipei Times 25 Sep 2023
Separately, Premier Chen Chien-jen (陳建仁) yesterday said that the Cabinet plans to allocate an additional NT$8 billion (US$248.85 million) for the nation’s firefighters, increasing the budget for this year of NT$7.6 billion to purchase new tools, equipment and protective gear.

Jacinta Price claims to represent NT’s Indigenous communities but the data suggests otherwise

The Observer 24 Sep 2023
The son of missionaries – and having lived and worked in the NT all his life, most of it in remote communities – he has no doubt whatsoever about the value of consulting locals before designing programs for them ... Beyond urban areas, voting in the NT is by remote mobile polling teams.

Chief Minister Natasha Fyles has cream pancake squashed into face 

The Daily Mail 24 Sep 2023
An investigation is underway after Northern Territory Chief Minister Natasha Fyles was allegedly assaulted at her local markets ... 'She wiped it off, police called ... NT Police have been contacted for comment. No one has been charged over the incident. .


Taipei Times 22 Sep 2023
Lunch NT$40 ... Lunch NT$47 ... Students who are allowed free meals receive meals at no cost ... Students/who are allowed/free meals/receive meals/at no cost ... (A) NT$40. (B) NT$45. (C) NT$47. (D) NT$50 ... According to the information provided, how can a student receive meals at no cost?.

Military base security to be boosted

Taipei Times 21 Sep 2023
Carrying out these acts with an intent to impede or interfere with national security would result in a sentence of three to 10 years in prison and a fine of no more than NT$50 million, the ministry said ... A fine of no more than NT$3 million could be added to the latter type of breach or used to commute the prison sentence.

Government can do more for homeless, groups say

Taipei Times 17 Sep 2023
Last year, 35 percent of homeless people in Taipei lived on the streets because they had lost their job or were unable to pay rent, 18 percent did so due to health issues, while 16.5 percent were on had no home because of discord in the family, data from the Taipei City Government’s Department of Social Welfare showed.

NPP urges high penalties for labor law violations

Taipei Times 15 Sep 2023
Carrefour Taiwan, which frequently appeared in previous editions of this ranking, incurred fines worth NT$4.34 million in connection to labor rule violations, making it the second-worst this year, Chiu said ... Labor law stipulates that enterprises that contravene labor regulations can be fined up to NT$1 million, which offers no deterrence, he said.

Industrial land prices soaring steeply

Taipei Times 14 Sep 2023
Taoyuan’s industrial parks made NT$158.7 billion from 2018 to the first half of this year, benefiting from the global supply chain realignment ... to NT$600,000 per ping ... It is no longer possible to find industrial plots valued at below NT$100,000 per ping anywhere in Taiwan, it said.

Bring back the dog licence

The Spectator 14 Sep 2023
This year, the five most prominent anti-establishment candidates for the NT council have all been recommended by Restore Trust, the forum for Trust members whose aims are neatly expressed in its name ... I am glad to say I can find no NT by-law which forbids me praising them.

Language classes boost migrants

Taipei Times 13 Sep 2023
Under this designation, live-in caregivers are paid at least NT$24,000 a month, caregivers at skilled care facilities are paid at least NT$29,000 a month, those who do not have work experience, but have earned an associate or higher degree in Taiwan are paid no less than ...

Charles Darwin University students told to 'reflect deeply' on career choice if they oppose the Voice

The Daily Mail 08 Sep 2023
Charles Darwin University Associate Professor Bea Staley sent a pro-Voice email to speech therapy students suggesting they should rethink a career in allied health if they plan to vote No at the October 14 referendum ... Federal NT Senator and prominent No campaigner Jacinta Price described the email as 'effectively bullying'.